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The Student Spaceflight Experiments Program is a unique STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program that challenges students to design original experiments using microgravity labs and write authentic flight proposals following the same protocol as real astronauts. It’s an international competition organized by the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE) which engages thousands of students each year in a prestigious, renowned program.

There’s an additional STEAM activity (STEM plus the arts) to engage more students to use their creativity to design mission patches.

It was a proud day for WNY in 2015 when an experiment designed by three middle school ag

e girls from Hamlin Park School in Buffalo was selected by a national judging panel to be part of Mission 9.  The experiment Tuber Growth in Microgravity soared into space in February, 2017.  Six weeks later, the tiny plants returned to Earth. The team nicknamed “The Spud Launchers,” continues to monitor the potato plants’ growth and analyze the progression of their work in collaboration with biologists at the University at Buffalo.

Success followed in 2017 when a team of students from Wellsville Secondary School was selected for Mission 12.  The Wellsville team’s proposal –  The Effect of Ascorbic Acid on Planarian Regeneration in Microgravity – will launch June 29, 2018.

WNY STEM Hub is invited to form a coalition of learning sites to participate again in 2018. Please consider a gift to support this robust learning initiative. 

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Businesses and corporate supporters, your gift of $2500 will support the mandatory enrollment costs and the purchase of microgravity labs for the required ground-truth testing that is part of the proposal development process.

 Your support will help change students’ lives for good.

More than a science experiment or an enrichment experience, activities like this are transformative, and are at the heart of WNY STEM Hub’s mission. Hamlin Park teacher Andrew Franz said, “It is this type of learning that WNY STEM fosters: learning that students own; learning that fosters life-long learners;   learning that makes students love school.”

That’s the power of your support for WNY STEM Hub and our collaborative programs.

 Please support this high-impact program.

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