WNY STEM Hub Partner Affiliations

WNY STEM Hub is grateful to the organizations that regularly collaborate with our programs to sustain and enhance STEM education in our five-county region of Western New York.

Empire STEM is a statewide, community-led collaborative of regional STEM Hubs across New York State. The STEM Network is included under SUNY’s Seamless Education Pipeline initiative and provides a coordinator to facilitate the work of the Empire State STEM Learning Network. Thank you to SUNY and to Dr. Phil Ortiz who, in his role as Assistant Provost for Undergraduate and STEM Education, and Coordinator, Empire State STEM Learning Network, assists in identifying statewide resources and networking opportunities.

The Collaborative is comprised of the leading professional organizations in New York State who collaborate for the purposes of advancing the integration of STEM education.  The Collaborative sponsors a statewide summer Institute on an annual basis.

The STEMx™ network is a multi-state collaborative developed for states, by states. This grassroots movement provides an accessible platform to share, analyze and disseminate quality STEM education resources.  The WNY STEM Hub is very grateful to the late Margaret Ashida, for her guidance and expertise.

The UB Center for Integrated Global Medical Sciences is the Steward Organization for the Western New York State STEM Hub. Dr. Gene Morse, Associate Director for the Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences, serves as the Steward representative to the Hub and as an Advisory Board member. Dr. Morse also provides use of the facility for meetings and other in-kind support for the Hub to conduct its activities. The Hub is indebted to the commitment of Dr. Morse and the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences.

The United Way provides Fiduciary Sponsorship support to WNY STEM since both organizations share common values and mission. Thank you for Michael Weiner, President, and CEO, for his support and active participation on the WNY STEM Hub’s Advisory Committee.


Additional Affiliations


WNY STEM Hub is recognized by the STEM Funders Network as one of 54 STEM ecosystems in the United States.



WNY STEM Hub is also a Code.org Regional Partner



WNY STEM Hub is grateful for the relationship with FIRST for providing WNY with a Regional Senior Mentor to encourage and support more robotics experiences in school and after-school settings