Mission Statement

The WNY STEM Hub of the Empire State STEM Learning Network facilitates collaboration among business, education, community organizations, arts and cultural organizations, and government entities to advance the interdisciplinary teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics in support of sustained economic and intellectual vitality in our five-county region.


Vision Statement

WNY will be a thriving economic region whose innovative workforce and citizenry are created through interdisciplinary STEM collaboration.



The WNY STEM Hub, with input from the Board of Advisors, has identified four objectives for 2014-15:
1.  Continue to build infrastructure.
  • Ongoing Website Development
  •  Funding for Programs and Capacity Building
  • Further Development of the Speakers Bureau
  • Public Relations and WNY STEM/STEAM Week
2.  Scale up best practices.
  • GOAL: By August 2015, increase the number of WNY professionals and students engaged in STEM/STEAM learning by 10%.
3.  Develop a new signature program – The WNY STEM Trail.
  • GOAL: By August 2015, provide 150 WNY professionals and students with CCSS aligned STEM experiences and STEM career learning, virtually or on-site, at three Phase I STEM Trail sites.
4.  Support existing workforce development and economic development initiatives.
  • GOAL: By August 2015, increase the number of professionals and students involved in workforce and career development experiences by 10%.