WNY STEM Hub International Partners

Pictured (Left to Right):  Dr. Gene Morse, Dr. Charles Anderson, Beverly Joy.

WNY STEM Hub is honored to be a component part of the Global Health Institute program that is building capacity for Health Care and STEM education with international partners.  Thanks to Dr. Gene Morse, Hub Steward, we have been engaged in collaboration with Zimbabwe as well as Jamaica.  In both cases, we have observed that these developing nations are on a fast track with business-education STEM collaborations and have prioritized resources directed toward the entire STEM education pipeline. They value the symbiotic work of education and business to this end.

For example, eight schools will be converted next year to STEM academies in Jamaica linked to business partners.  At the higher education level, Mona Tech Engineering Services, a new enterprise, has evolved with a social responsibility commitment to providing employment to graduates of recently established university engineering programs.

At a meeting in June 2015 with the Jamaica Minister of Education, representatives of WNY STEM and the Jamaican Innovation Enterprise (JIE), led by Dr. Charles Anderson, met to discuss the STEM initiative for Jamaica. Present for the JIE were Dr. Joe Whittaker, Dr. Relva Buchanan, Beverly Joy, and Dr. Michelle Kavanaugh.  Among the representatives from the Ministry of Education were: Seymour Hamilton, Joan Higgins, Garfield King, Vivienne Pitter, Bernadette Ranglin, Daphine Simon, Jasmine Waite, and Owen Wilson. The Jamaican STEM focus cuts across all disciplines including the arts, languages and social studies. Several items were identified for collaboration between WNY STEM and the Jamaican STEM Team, including Robotics, funding opportunities and validation/certification for STEM education.  There was interest in pursuing further communication between the groups.

In addition to the visit to the Ministry of Education, Dr. Anderson, accompanied by Drs. Buchanan, Kavanaugh, and Whittaker, to a visit of the University of West Indies Mona School of Engineering.

Also in June, Dr. Kavanaugh met with Professor Chiedza Maponga regarding WNY STEM support for grants that the University of Zimbabwe is pursuing.

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