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In its 4th year, and despite the challenges, WNY STEM Hub’s staff made the necessary adjustments to provide a high quality and transforming hands-on learning experience. Local students learned how to design and fabricate 3D printed prosthetic hands (assistive devices), hand anatomy, disability awareness, problem-solving, digital technology and coding with a pocket size computer Micro:Bit.

An expansion of WNY STEM Hub’s signature program Hand in Hand, due to the generous funding from AT&T, and the Open Wheel Chair 2020Garman Family Foundation included an expansion of producing an Open Wheelchair for youtin Western New York. Students will have an opportunity to expand on this program in the Fall of 2020.

The students also had the opportunity to design, 3D print and donate PPE for staff, patients and their family members at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center (RPCCC). Shirley Johnson, Senior Vice President and Hand in Hand 2020Chief Clinical Operations Officer of RPCCC set aside time in her schedule to meet with our students, she told the students about how and when she knew nursing was the career for her and she also connected the importance of 3D printing to the field of medicine. The students and instructors were honored to present their designed mask extenders to Ms. Johnson and Dr. Richard Hershberger, Hand in Hand students visiting Roswell ParkChief Academic Officer of RPCCC. The students also learned how to make 3D printed face shields for use during the Hand in Hand Program.

Speakers included:

  • Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples Stokes on the importance of doing good for others
  • Ms. Jill Johnson on adaptive needs for wheelchair users
  • Mr. Nate Ramsey on prosthetic and adaptive devices, ideas for future adaptations
  • Dr. Jan Tona on the Occupational Therapy field and disabilities
  • Mr. Scott Read on a new classroom prosthetic hand that students can program and explore
  • Ms. Haley Chizuk on the anatomy of the hand and arm
  • Mr. Eric Paccione and Alyssabeth Czajkowski from UB e-Nable on the work their organization is doing in this field. e-Nable created the first 3D printable prosthetic hand and shares their designs and code for bioelectric limbs

Hand in Hand is designed to support the technical, medical, leadership, service-learning skills, and disability awareness in participating students. This is a social action program in which students will use computers, engineering design process, and 3D printers to fabricate and produce personalized functional prosthetic hands and devices.

If you have any questions about WNY STEM Hub’s Hand in Hand program, please email: info@wnystem.org or call: 716-829-9035

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Administered by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

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