Erie County worked with WNY STEM Hub on the very successful “I am the Solution to Plastic Pollution” Art and Science Earth Day STEAM Project for K-12 last year. Joseph Zawicki, President of WNY STEM Hub, was an active member of our development team. Also joining in the development was The Buffalo Zoo, the Museum of Science, Erie1BOCES, and several other environmental organizations.

Over the past three years, Erie County has worked with well over 200 teachers to bring a program to students that ask them to create artwork that engages audiences to better understand the problems of plastic pollution on the natural environment.

Through the process of creating the artwork, students had to understand the problem through the lens of science and math. They developed a strong STEAM curriculum for participating teachers. The artwork was delightfully displayed at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Due to COVID 19, this year’s program had to go VIRTUAL. They created a website for parents, students and teachers to both display the artwork, and to provide resources and links for participants to fully understand the issues of single-use plastics and their harm to the natural environment.

Please visit: to view artwork, and to learn how to participate.

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Earth Day STEAM Project for K-12