Over the last several months, high school teams around Western New York formed to compete in the Energize Your Future program.  Energize Your Future is powered by National Grid and it is the first and only competition of its kind, unique to Western New York.  Energize Your Future is an energy solution competition design for high school STEM students and is modeled after the 43North business competition.

During Energize Your Future, each team used the engineering design process to develop an energy solution that included a prototype, impact statement, marketing plan, business plan, and scientific references. The teams competed against other high school teams in Western New York with the opportunity to become finalists and pitch their ideas to a panel of selected energy experts.

2019-2020 Energize your Future Finalist Teams:

Nardin Team 1:

Residential Rooftop Windmill
Mini-turbines to capture wind energy on top of building structures to reduce electricity costs at homes or businesses.

Nardin Team 2:

Small Bioenergy Generator
A compact generator intended to increase ecological efficiency for use in homes, farms, and small businesses by using pellets made from extra crops, leftover wood chips and shavings, and byproducts from seed cleaning to produce energy.

Homeschool Team 1:

Harnessing Door Movement for Emergency Lighting
Converting Door Motion to Energy; the design converts energy created at residential or commercial sites as people, open and close doors.  The energy is captured in a battery cell to be used for emergency lighting in case of a power outage.

Iroquois Team 2:

Insulation Solutions Derived from a Student Energy Audit
A closed-cell spray foam insulation used as a solution to energy efficiency, particularly needed at their school after a student ran Energy Audit.

During the Finalist event held on January 23, 2020, each team presented their idea relating to energy conservation or innovation to a panel of selected Energy Experts.  The pitch would decide the winning team of Energize Your Future and would receive an award of $1,000!

Based on the ideas and the pitch presentations, the teams were awarded:

1st Place: 

Nardin Team 1: Emma Scott and Mara Trysick
Residential Rooftop Windmill

2nd Place: 

Homeschool Team – Alex Furgala, Galvan Kleinmartin, Nathaniel Cain
Harnessing Door Movement for Emergency Lighting

3rd Place: 

Nardin Team 2: Sadie Murphy, Ava Steiner, Christina Zarafonitis.
Small Bioenergy Generator

Honorable Mention:

Iroquois Team 2: Adina Hartel, Max Miranda.
Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation


Congratulations to all teams who participated and to all finalists who presented to the Energize Expert panel! Thank you to Congressman Higgins for attending and assisting with our event.  Energy Your Future is an annual program powered by National Grid and presented by WNY STEM Hub.  To get involved in future STEM events, please contact WNY STEM Hub.


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Energize Your Furture Winners 2020