WNY Prism Program is in Collaboration with the Institute for Autism Research at Canisius College

Prism is a program that will be introduced in 2019 by AT&T and WNY STEM Hub as a new component to a 17-year running Summer Max program conducted by the Institute of Autism Research at Canisius College.  This program will allow 42 High Functioning Autistic Youth, ages 7-12 and high school Peer Leaders to experience hands-on, unplugged and computer-based activities to complete STEM projects.

High Functioning Autistic Youth typically have a strong interest in technology but need support with social skill development.  They represent an untapped demographic in meeting the growing demand for a future IT workforce. This program blends the enhancement of skills in social communication, STEM, and awareness of STEM jobs.

The Prism STEM experience is a 5-week program that runs from June 24 – July 26, 2019, and will be held at the new Science Hall on the campus of Canisius College.

During the program, ten (10) PRISM experiences will be scheduled twice per week during 45- minute therapeutic activities conducted during the Summer MAX program staff.  WNY STEM Hub will be providing activities to complete STEM projects using Spheros, Ozobots, Adafruit Circuit Playgrounds, Thimble Kits, Turing Tumble, BrushBot Warriors and Makey Makey.

Adults in STEM career fields will visit to bring hands-on artifacts from their workplace.  A group of selected high school peer leaders and college students will assist our youth group with their STEM projects.  During PRISM, staff from Summer Max will provide social skills support for the youth while helping them learn about STEM.


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