I-Hub at the Erie County Fair to Expand for 2019

The Erie County Fair announced that it’s “I-Hub at the Fair” exhibit will be expanded for the upcoming 180th Erie County Fair this August 2019. “I-Hub at the Fair,” with the “I” standing for “innovation, imagination & ingenuity,” debuted in 2018  and showcased Western New York’s growing STEM economy and educational opportunities.

During the 2019 Erie County Fair, the I-Hub at the Fair’s exhibit and demonstration space will be further developed into a stand-alone, 6,000 square feet pavilion. With the additional exhibit space, the Erie County Fair is now accepting applications from interested business, organizations and educational institutions for participation in this regional celebration of Western New York’s growing STEM economy.  For more information and to apply, visit: www.ecfair.org/p/other/i-hub-at-the-fair.

One of the new attractions scheduled for 2019 “I-Hub at the Fair” is the Innovation Station. This fun-filled, state-of-the-art children’s exhibit will feature hands-on, immersive experiences that will take families on a journey through STEM learning. Fairgoers will be encouraged to explore the Innovation Station at their own pace.  A variety of stations will include “Weird Science” (Microscopes, Kinetic sand, Vortex tubes), “Ignite the Light” (The power of static electricity showcased through Van De Graaff demonstrations) and a virtual reality experience that will showcase VR in medicine.

Additionally, Erie County Fair is planning a series of Ted type talks (<18 min, inspirational talks).  A tentative schedule has 36 slots open for these types of inspirational talks.  If you know someone who has done a talk like this before (or who would be interested) please forward them this message and apply by visiting: www.ecfair.org/p/other/i-hub-at-the-fair.

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“I-Hub at the Fair” to Expand into STEM Pavilion