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September 11, 2014

If you want the biggest paycheck, a new report pinpoints the top Upstate colleges

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The typical graduate of Colgate University can expect to earn more money than his or her counterpart at any other college in Upstate New York.

That’s according to a report issued this week by PayScale Inc., a compensation-data firm based in Seattle.

PayScale analyzed the earning potential of the graduates of 1,002 U.S. colleges, including 42 schools located in the 48 Upstate counties.

PayScale estimated the median salaries at two career points for adults with bachelor’s degrees from each school, based on survey responses from graduates.

Colgate posted the highest mid-career salary, with a median of $126,600. It’s followed by Cornell University at $111,100 and Clarkson University at $110,700. (The rankings on the slideshow are based on mid-career salaries.)

Grads of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute can anticipate the highest salaries at the beginning of their careers, according to PayScale. It estimated the median early-career salary for RPI students at $62,300. Clarkson is the runner-up at $59,900.

Click here to see PayScale’s full report.

Alfred University has the highest ranking of any college within the eight counties of Western New York, with a mid-career salary of $86,600, which is 12th in the Upstate standings.

D’Youville College has Western New York’s highest early-career figure, $49,600.

“Engineering schools and schools that grant a large number of STEM degrees tend to rank very highly on PayScale’s lists, especially for early career salaries, because those skills are in such high demand in today’s economy,” says the report. “Engineers and tech workers have the easiest time finding high-paying work right out of school.”

Several Upstate colleges were not included in the rankings because of insufficient data. Among them are Daemen College and St. Bonaventure University.

G. Scott Thomas is Buffalo Business First’s projects editor

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BUFFALO BUSINESS FIRST: If you want the biggest paycheck, a new report pinpoints the top Upstate colleges